Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Introducing Flurry and Flake

Today, while I was outside taking pictures of Blizzard of 2010....

My camera captured something peculiar

Oh my goodnesss! Tiny snowpeople?!

Hello, my name is Sarah. Who are you?

"I'm Flake!" chirped the tiny one. "And this is Flurry. We're tired."

Well come inside and relax, new friends.

I offered Flurry and Flake a seat by the fire...

but they opted for a nap in the freezer instead.

I wonder how long snowpeople usually sleep...hmm...


Dear my wonderful blog readers,
Flurry and Flake left without saying goodbye. :(
This story will be continued. We just might have to wait awhile...
till it snows again in Austin, Texas.

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